Tav’s Only Getting Better

From Rangers.co.uk:

GRAEME MURTY says James Tavernier will move to the next level at Rangers after his full-back signed a new three and a half year deal.

The Gers boss rates the 26-year-old highly and handed him the captains arm band for the first time last Sunday against Ayr United admitting he has seen clear signs of a new maturity in the defender.

Murty believes Tavernier can get even better and says he knows he will rise to that challenge as his career progresses at Ibrox.

Speaking to RangersTV the manager said: “I am happy but I was content that it was always going to happen.

“Tav knows how highly we regard him and I think if you look at the people we have brought in and the movements we are trying to make up the table shows we are in a good place as a club.

“I think he knows he can get to that next level playing for us, which is good for us and it is a good statement from him that he is happy and content here but also thinks we can elevate his career.

“He realises he can develop here, stretch himself and get better. We gave him a little bit of responsibility at the weekend making him captain.

“It is about him now understanding what it takes to get to the next level in his career, not necessarily monetarily or where he plays but in terms of his development and his growth as a player.

“I think there is more to come from him, I really do and I think that is something which excites him as well, that he is not here to stand still and that he always will be pushed and challenged.

“That for me looking at a player who wants to do all that is a very thrilling thing as a manager because he realises there is more to come. He can be better and I am thrilled he has decided to do that here.”

Former Premier League full-back Murty has taken Tavernier under his wing to nurture him into his best player he can be.

His protegee has grown under his leadership with the Newcastle United academy graduate both scoring and assisting six goals as well as bolstering his defence contribution to the Gers.

Murty continued: “I think he would say no because I am more of a moaner towards him. I just realise what the attributes are for an attacking full-back in this day and age and if I can advise him in any way shape or form then I will.

“I also look at him and say those are things you’re great at, let’s enhance them and use that as a brilliant weapon but also we need to get some inconsistencies out of his game.

“That is something I can also help him with, not necessarily shouting and screaming from the side lines but considered structure development work.

“He really wants to do it and we have seen a change in his mentality and we have actually seen a change in his maturity.

“It hits different people at different times and I think it has got to the stage now where he is ready to push on and there is no better place for him currently that he can do that.

“He is playing every week at a massive club, on the TV all the time and really in the shop window but he is really considering the fact he is not the finished article. That more than anything else, even more than him signing is a sign he’s happy here.

“I love the fact he a joker, I love the fact he is a character and I think he is someone who likes the challenge of doing more and being better.

“He likes people being on at him all the time, he can cruise but he doesn’t want to cruise, he wants to be pushed and he will get pushed here.”

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