Paralyzed teen to kickoff 2014 FIFA World Cup

Photo by: Walk Again Project/

Photo by: Walk Again Project/

01/03/2013  Durham, North Carolina

If all goes according to plan, the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil could be the platform for an exciting new technological debut, as a paralyzed teenager is set to kick-off the opening match in Sao Paulo.

The Walk Again Project hopes to make the mind-blowing feat a reality by utilizing a robotic body suit which features motorized braces and microwires connected to a helmet, and would be controlled by the child’s brain.

The research for the apparatus is being headed by Brazilian neuroscientist Dr. Miguel Nicolelis at Duke University’s Nicolelis Laboratory, in an effort to have the suit ready in time for the opening match on June 12th.

For additional insight into this inspiring story, you can watch this video by Haroun Safi:

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