Juventus Finds Success Expanding To U.S.

It has been quite a year for the record Italian champions, even by their own high standards.

Recently, Juventus Football Club has grown accustomed to domestic success, having won the Serie A title now five years in a row. But they are now adding unprecedented revenues off the field, European success, and an ambitious new measure of achievement: American success.

Starting on the field, the Bianconeri look set to win another league championship, holding a seven point lead with just three games to play. Looking more confident than ever, despite losing their manager in Antonio Conte and instrumental players in Paul Pogba and Andrea Pirlo, they will also make their second Champions League final appearance in three years against Real Madrid on Saturday, June 3rd.

Off the field, their accolades are piling up as well.

While many of the clubs in Italy struggle with attendance and revenues, Juventus has been an exception to the trend, posting a record $426.6 million in revenues for the 2015/2016 financial year, an increase of 11.4% over their previous record last year, according to the club’s annual financial report.

They also unveiled a modern looking new logo in January, which was initially met with some criticism, and is certainly a clear departure from the typical soccer crest.

Juventus Logo

The sleek new Juventus crest represents an ambitious new marketing platform

But from a business perspective the move represents a progressive step forward, as it highlights their desire for the club’s logo to represent more than a soccer team, but a complete business vision which includes a medical center, museum, shopping center, residential village, school, and training academies around the world.

Their international ambition is what landed them in midtown Manhattan last fall.

In September, they launched a new project to capture perhaps the most difficult youth market stateside, New York City. President Giovanni Russo was tapped to harness his professional playing experience and business experience stateside and grow the academy from the ground up.

“Our goal is to recreate a European style of soccer here, from early development all the way to the professional level,” describes the former Genoa and Bologna goalkeeper.

And the maneuver seems to be coming at just the right time.

Players have been suiting up for classes in the official Adidas black and white stripes at several partnership facilities, including the prestigious La Scuola d’Italia and Bank Street College of Education, developing from curriculum created and fostered by the club’s youth coaches in Turin. A spot in the Academy could even lead to an opportunity to play professionally, as coaches from the home club regularly check in, not only to monitor curriculum and coaching standards, but also to recruit for the home team.

Along with membership, come the benefits of associating with one of the world’s best clubs. Academy players have the opportunity to travel to Italy, where they can watch and meet their favorite stars from the first team. Paulo Dybala and Juan Cuadrado recently spent time meeting the players, conducting interviews, and then even training with the youngsters at the Juventus facilities.

As the American public is looking more ready than ever to embrace soccer, the club’s ambitions in the market are extending to the first team as well. They recently announced details for another pre-season tour of the United States to be played in July, with matches scheduled at stadiums in New York, Boston, and Miami.

For more information on the club’s inspiring mission, visit the Juventus Academy NY homepage.

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